BCAE Offers Thanksgiving 101: Survival Guide


Thanksgiving Turkey

October, the World Series, and Halloween are over. November is here.  And for me, November means one thing — Thanksgiving.  A long weekend full of food, family, friends, football, MORE FOOD, the start of holiday shopping and decorating, and did I mention FOOD?

As a “youngish professional” living in Brookline and working in Boston, I still go home to my parents’ house for most of the weekend.  Wednesday night (Thanksgiving Eve), everyone that went to my high school will go out to the bars in the Leominster/Fitchburg area, and Thanksgiving morning I will go for a long run and/or go to the Thanksgiving day game.  Stuck in my youth for as long as possible, I won’t be cooking any family Thanksgiving dinners anytime soon, but I’m sure when the time comes I will need help. A LOT of help.  This year, though, I’ll be spending my afternoon relaxing, chatting, watching football, and eating. NOT cooking. If I was, I would nee TONS of help. I mean, I can cook some mac and cheese or chicken and veggies. That’s about it. Turkeys scare me.

So if you’re like me and need a little Thanksgiving help, check out the classes below.  Even if  you aren’t hosting anyone for the holidays, the BCAE’s Thanksgiving survival classes will be beneficial for any upcoming classy dinner party, wine and app party, or Friendsgiving.  And, you get to eat and drink while you’re there.  Some education, food, and wine. Doesn’t get much better.

On Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 Lars Liebisch will lead “Who you calling a Turkey?: Breaking Down Thanksgiving Dinner.” In this one-session class Liebisch will walk students through roasting basics, holiday side dishes and everything in between. Perfect for novices that have never prepared a holiday meal, or for those just looking to switch things up, the class will learn how to prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal in just three hours. Afterwards everyone will sit down, sip wine and indulge in their creations while asking the instructor for additional turkey tips and tricks.

On Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 BCAE instructors Dustin Rennells and Adam Centamore of Formaggio Kitchen, will show students how to tackle the second hurdle of hosting the elaborate meal; cost. During Budget Thanksgiving: Food and Wine on the Cheap” Rennells & Centamore will review their personal tips and tricks for cutting costs when it comes to planning the big meal. From decorating ideas on a dime, to saving time on stuffing and browsing for beverages, this one-session class will have students prepared to avoid all the pitfalls. Throughout the class students will sample adult-beverages and their own creations.

To register visit www.bcae.org or call the Boston Center for Adult Education at 617-267-4430

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